Nipple Pasties: Best Hack for a Fashionable Lifestyle

Nipple Pasties

Nipple pasties answer all your clothing troubles when you’re going braless but still want a little covering. Living without a bra, whether for design or comfort, may be liberating but also terrifying. 

All the best nipple pasties come in various colors, styles, and sizes, and they’re so light and soft that you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Let’s be honest. Bras are quite unpleasant. Whatever your cup size, girls worldwide have something to complain about when it comes to brassieres. 

Sure, they protect your valuables, but the probing wires and tight straps may be irritating. Visible and even transparent straps are your adversary when wearing hotter clothing. Not to add that strapless bras provide little support regardless of breast size.

The best nipple pasties may not be at the top of your list of things you desire (or need) these days. 

But our fave fits don’t always allow us to wear a bra (hello, backless dress), and although going braless might be liberating, not everyone is comfortable with nipples popping out—or a potential nip slip.

Thanks to the internet’s limitless possibilities, we discovered many clever, inexpensive solutions that allow us to wear almost anything. So, if you’re searching for guidance on when to wear nipple pasties and where to buy nipple pasties, keep reading.

From adhesive bras to silicone nipple covers and reusable pasties, each may handle a variety of challenging top and dress scenarios, whether you’re going out to dinner or attending a wedding. They’re all simple to put on and take off. 

What Are Nipple Pasties?

Pasties also referred to as nipple tape, are material patches that cover your areolae and nipples. Many women have used it as an alternative to bras, although it is typically connected with erotica. 

They are especially useful if you’re wearing an outfit that prevents you from wearing a traditional bra, such as a backless dress, a tube top, or a tank top.

If you have piercings, wearing nipple pasties of the proper size will allow you to appear smooth on top during business meetings. Just be sure to carefully rip them off because the agony you’ll feel from the nipple piercing will only be fit for those who enjoy it.

Until recently, the best nipple pasty was available in various sizes and shapes, each with a particular function, many of which were created just for women. 

Women have traditionally covered their nipples with pasties, petals, and other floral coverings. The typical strategy for guys who want to do something similar has been more experimental.

Men have experimented with duct tape and bandages alike. 

These techniques might be effective, but explaining them to your teammates if you are unintentionally chosen for the skins team can be awkward. Some men have abandoned the age-old practice of layering their clothing and working out.

What Is the Best Tape for Nipples?

Here are the best nipple covers to wear with your most daring and skin-bearing clothes.

  • Adhesive

It looks great with tops and dresses with no backs or low cuts.

It’s easy to wear your coziest bra (or nothing at all) when you’re at home lounging in sweatpants, but one-shoulder dresses and open-back gowns require a little more thought. 

You can sometimes get away with just a strapless bra, but if you want to shape and define without fighting gravity, adhesive styles are the way to go.

  • Silicone

Thin or semi-sheer fabrics, plunging necklines, and swimwear are ideal.

Because they are lightweight and virtually invisible, self-adhesive nipple covers (or silicone pasties) are ideal for wearing all year. 

These options are typically circular, stretching beyond the nipple to cover the entire areola, and are breathable and sweatproof. (Some, like Fashion Forms’, are scalloped to resemble flowers.) 

Most brands offer nipple covers in various skin tones, and you can even get them in a waterproof style to wear underneath bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.

  • Nipple Pasties

The best clothing items for nipple pasties are sheer materials, V-necks, loose-fitting tops, and T-shirts.

Adhesive pasties, like reusable nipple covers, provide subtle coverage when wearing sheer clothing, such as basic white tank tops. 

They function similarly to stickers and are typically flatter than reusable silicone nipple covers—but be aware that, despite their appearance, they may pucker if not applied flush to your boobs.

Pasties are skin-friendly and often reusable, if not washable, and, like the nipple covers mentioned above, most of the time, a touch of mild soap and warm water are all required to reactivate the adhesive on the back.

How Can I Cover My Nipples to See Through Top?

How should we respond to this fashion faux pas in a society that rejects and accepts the visible nipple? 

Last but not least, nipple coverage is a personal preference. We all have nipples, whether we are big-breasted or small-chested. They appear to have their minds on occasion. There are two ways to keep your perky pair from taking the spotlight.

Nipple Pasties
Padding is the first of these. Because there are no extra layers, unlined bras are the most challenging to wear because nips can show through. An excellent first line of defense is a lined bra. 


Add an insert to your undergarment if you’re already padding up to stay warm. Choose lighter-weight bras and inserts that hug the breast and naturally match the contours of your body if you’re not used to wearing padded bras.


Wearing sheer shirts and going braless has become increasingly acceptable — even fashionable — since the 1970s Free The Nipple movement resurfaced in recent years. 

For far too long, breasts have been oversexualized, and it’s wonderful to see trends today that empower women to control how they present their bodies.

There are ways to hide nipples in outfits where you don’t wear a bra (sheer or not). You can crisscross regular, medical, or silicone tape over your nipples. 

The smoother tape will work better. Lay the two pieces flat, so they don’t show. You can start a strip of tape under your breast and pull it up to your clavicle. It will both cover and lift the breasts.

Where to Buy Nipple Pasties?

So, which nipple tape should you get now? After all, not all nipple tapes are created equal. A good pair should stay on your skin all day without leaving any residue, all while remaining hidden beneath clothing.

Whether you’re a braless living veteran, a first-timer, or thinking about freeing the nipple but not the coverage, AllStuff420™ has you covered.

You’ll be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, with AllStuff420™’s cannabis-themed nipple pasties! You can now join the #NoBraClub and master the braless trend no matter what.

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